The Jolly Frog Wine List

White Wine

1  Jean de Laroche Sauvignon, France

Great depth of citrus fruit, with green grassy flavours so making for a real zesty mouthful     

175ml £4.25

250ml £5.75

bottle £15.50

2 Esencia de Fontana Chardonnay, Spain    

Elegant aromas of ripe orchard fruits, with subtle mineral notes. Well rounded, good concentration of fruit, and no oak influence.  

175ml £4.25

250ml £5.75

bottle £16.00

3 La Laguna Sauvignon, Chile       

Modern, dry Sauvignon Blanc, with plenty of herbaceous gooseberry fruit flavours.     

175ml £4.50

250ml £6.00

bottle £17.00

4  Pinot Grigio Capriano, Italy      

Fresh and crisp, with flavours of green apples and pears.   

175ml £4.75

250ml £6.25

bottle £18.00

5  Torres Verdeo, Spain        

Made from 100% Verdejo grapes, the wine has a pale yellow colour. The palate is fresh and elegant with pronounced notes of tropical fruit.


6 Arrogant Frog Chardonnay Viognier, Pezenas, Languedoc France

The Chardonnay provides the structure and the Viognier adds a real aromatic interest and character to the wine. A long standing favourite in this restaurant.


7  Lawsons Dry Hills Pinot Gris, New Zealand

Lush stone fruit and citrus flavours line the palate, along with a lovely acidity and minerality. The wine has good weight and structure, with a hint of sweetness.


8 Smoking Loon Viognier, California      

This wonderful white has an aroma of apricot and nectarine. The palate is rich and full bodied with mango, apricot and orange marmalade flavours.


9  Shorn Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

Full of ripe gooseberry and passionfruit, with a bouquet of fresh cut grass. The finish is crisp and refreshing.


10 Chablis Le Verger Domaine Alain Geoffroy, France

Steely dry Chablis from Alain Geoffroy. A master grower and blender in this famous region.


11  Sancerre Le Haut Mesnil, France      

Bright and clean with lemon and gooseberry bouquet. Full body, rich fruit and a lovely aftertaste.


12 Pouilly Fume La Melanie Masson Blondelet, France    

Made from the Sauvignon grape. The nose has elderflower and melon.In the mouth, you get fresh gooseberries and zesty lime, with a long and juicy finish.


13  Chablis Montmains Premier Cru, Burgundy, France   

Both new and used oak give a light, buttery style to the Chardonnay grape. A great balance of fruit and acidity.


14  Joseph Drouhin Meursault, Burgundy, France     

Made from top quality Chardonnay grapes grown in this famous village in Burgundy. The wine is aged for 12 months in oak barrels giving a full flavoured wine, with a buttery character and well-rounded richness.


Red Wine

15 Jean de Laroche Merlot, France     

A really well structured wine. Not too soft and jammy. Robust flavours of blackcurrants and black cherries.   

175ml £4.25

250ml £5.75

bottle £15.50

16  The Landings Cabernet Shiraz, Australia    

A well balanced blend giving blackcurrant fruit from the Cabernet Sauvignon, and peppery spice from the Shiraz.  

175ml £4.25

250ml £5.75

bottle £16.00

17 Rioja Adivino Tinto, Spain      

‘Joven’ (young) is the most humble of Rioja wine categories, and requires no ageing in oak barrels unlike other grades.  

175ml £4.75

250ml £6.25

bottle £18.00

18 Lyngrove Cabernet Sauvignon, South Africa

This wine has great flavours of blackcurrants, good tannins and a long finish.


19 Baccolo Appassimento Famiglia Cielo, Italy     

A blend of Merlot and Corvina with partial grapes over maturation (Appassimento). This results in a full-flavoured wine with intense ripe fruit and spice. The palate is well rounded and persistent


20 Vina Ederra Rioja Crianza, Spain     

Delicious red berry fruit and a perfect touch of oak. Still a favourite for many!


21  Arrogant Frog Cabernet Merlot, Peznas, Languedoc, France 

A delicious Claret look-alike which is still young, but already rounded and plummy, and definitely ready to drink now. The name reveals a French Vigneron (Paul Mas) with a welcome sense of irony.


22 Vina Ventisquero Pinot Noir Reserva, Chile

From the Casablanca valley. This reserve has typical red fruit from the Pinot Noir grape and great finesse.


23 La Chamiza Polo Malbec, Argentina 

Full bodied Argentinian Malbec. Balanced with cherries, vanilla and toasty notes. Good tannins and smoky oak on the palate.


24 Fleurie Cave de Fleurie, France      

One of the best known of the Beaujolais Cru. Light to medium weight with a fresh, dry finish.


25  Jim Barry ‘The Lodge’ Shiraz, Australia

A punchy Aussie red bursting with ripe fruit. Smooth tannins, but with plenty of grip. The finish is long and rich.


26 Chateau Puy Blanquet Grand Cru St Emilion, France

Great example of a traditional Cabernet Sauvignon based Claret. Complex flavours of blackcurrant and cedar with soft tannins.



Rose Wine

27  La Laguna Merlot Rose, Chile

Excellent all-round rose, with fresh summer fruit and a dry finish.  

175ml £4.50

250ml £6.00

bottle £17.00

28  Mesta Tempranillo Rose (Organic), Spain

Produced through organic viticulture deep in the land of the Mesta.This Tempranillo rose is off-dry with flavoursome summer berries on the palate.

175ml £4.75

250ml £6.25

bottle £18.00

29 Chateau de la Deidiere Cotes de Provence Rose, France

A classic French rose. Clean and fresh with delicate strawberry aromas.



Sparkling Wine

30  Prosecco Duca d’Alba Spumante, Italy    

This Spumante (fully sparkling) prosecco is fresh, fruity and very popular.  Elegant fizz and clean citrus flavours.  

125ml £5.50

175ml £6.50

bottle £23.00

31 Canella Spumante Rose, Italy       

Easy drinking with fine, lasting bubbles and red fruit flavours.




32  Champagne Charles de Villenfin Brut Champagne, France  

From a family owned producer. The wine has a soft biscuity taste, with lasting flavours and fine mousse.

125ml £7.95

175ml £9.95

bottle £40.00

33  Champagne Charles de Villenfin Rose, France    

This pink champagne has a soft, full style due to the addition of still Pinot Noir to the finished blend.


34 Champagne Ayala Brut Majeur, France    

One of the lesser known Champagne Houses, but a producer of good pedigree that shows very well in their House style wine. The classic blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay gives a light biscuit nose and fresh mousse.

1/2 bottle £25.00

bottle £48.00

35  Champagne Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut NV, France

Powerful and well structured, with an exquisite balance of style. A luxury Champagne with an exquisite taste.


36  Champagne Bollinger Grand Annee 2000, France

This Champagne is made from grapes harvested from one year only. The millennium year of 2000. Immense depth of flavour!


37 Dom Perignon Cuvee Prestige, France    

Created only in the finest years. Dom Perignon is the ultimate expression of Champagne at its very best.



Dessert Wine

38 Vistamar Late Harvest Moscatel, Chile 

An attractive New World dessert wine. Sweet with good acidity. A delightfully refreshing wine.

75ml £4.25

375ml £14.00

39  Elysium Black Muscat, California  

The black muscat grape is sweet and rich and adds a mid-deep purple colour to the wine which has a clean finish with honeyed tones. Brilliant!

75ml £4.75

375ml £16.00


Port Selection

40 Grahams Six Grapes Reserve

Rich ruby red in colour, made from superior quality grapes and aged in wood for 4 - 7 years. This port drinks very well with strong cheese, dark chocolate and fruit desserts.

Glass 50ml  £2.75

41 Dows Fine White Port       

Golden in colour, low acidity. A lovely sweetness with honey and nutty aromas.

Glass 50ml  £2.75

42 Grahams LBV         

LBV ports are made of wines from the best vineyards from a single good vintage and aged for 4 - 6 years in wood. Rich, fruity flavours and a long, sweet finish. Also a good match for Cheese or Chocolate.

37.5cl  £22.50

Glass 50ml  £3.50

43 Grahams Quinta dos Malvedos  (served decanted)   

Like the great wines from the top estates, Quinta vintage port is made from the grapes of a single harvest from an individual property (Quinta). These ports have all the complexity and flavour integration that comes from extended bottle ageing. Richly concentrated aromas and powerful fruit flavours. Great to enjoy with our cheese board.

37.5cl  £29.95

44 Cockburns 20 Year Old Tawny      

Aged for 20y ears before bottling. The extra years of wood ageing softens the colour and gives them greater complexity and their typical nut & raisin flavours. A lovely aperitif or end of meal treat.

37.5cl £39.95